M Pokora gives strength to the new Netflix movie “By the way pecho”!

M Pokora does not hesitate to give his opinion on the Web. Today, he invites his fans to go see the Netflix movie “By the way pecho”.

Ms. Pokora often gives her opinion on his social networks. Today, in his Instagram story, the singer gives his full support to the new Netflix film “By the way pecho”.

Mr. Pokora is a great success. The young dad has become over time, an unmissable star. Besides, on social networks, it gathers a lot of fans. And for good reason, it has 2.8 million subscribers on Insta.

The French singer managed to seduce the Web. It must be said, that the performer of “Just a picture of you” shares too crisp shots. Indeed, Mr. Pokora does not hesitate to post tender pictures of his wife and their children.

So the Web is against this lovely family. Besides, M Pokora is very close to his fans. And for good reason, he shares many moments of his life.

Between travel, intimate moments, and declarations of love, fans are then served. It is true that the subscribers of the beautiful blond are looking for the slightest info.

Isaiah’s dad loves to give his opinion, today it is on Insta that he recommends a film. Indeed, M Pokora is promoting the Netflix feature film “By the Way Pecho”.


Cinema has no secrets for M Pokora. And for good reason, the singer had then made a big hit in the film “The Forgotten First” by Muriel Robin.

So, for the release of the director’s new Netflix film, M Pokora decided to give his full support.

In the story, Insta Christina Milian’s darling posts the trailer and declares: “They’re crazy these Gauls.”

This completely barred film is actually adapted from a web series. Released in 2013 on YouTube, it had a total of seven episodes of a dozen minutes. And Mr. Pokora already seems a fan.

Hedi and Coleman are two very special dealers. And for good reason, their technique is simple: make caramba’s look like bars of shit. Not very common, then!

But the lives of these two jokers will take a whole new turn at the wedding of Hedi’s sister.

The young woman will then take the name of a great drug lord. Arsène Van Gluten will supply the two boys with several kilos of Mojo Mango.

So they will be able to open their own network with all this cannabis. But it seems the mission is more complicated than expected. So the problems begin.

Netflix has enlisted Nassim Lyes for writing. Moreover, M Pokora does not forget to identify the latter in his story.

In any case, fans of M Pokora should be delighted by this recommendation. In fact, the film is already available on Netflix.

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