M Pokora happy to be near Hogwarts in Harry Potter!

From the window of his villa in Los Angeles, Mr. Pokora can see a huge castle. This is Hogwarts in Harry Potter!

Very active on Instagram, M Pokora reveals everything to his millions of fans. The famous French singer reveals his incredible view of the Hogwarts school from the Harry Potter film series!

With nearly 3 million followers on Instagram, M Pokora emerged as one of the platform’s most popular French stars.

It must be said that the performer of Just a Picture of You has a lot of talent. He thus follows the projects, but above all, the very big successes!

Nothing seems to be able to stop the machine launched at a very high speed. Since her debut on the French music scene, Christina Millian’s darling has put everyone in agreement.

Thus, his many fans admire him and do not hesitate to let him know. They support him en masse in each of his projects!

But that’s not all. They also follow his activity with the greatest attention on Instagram, a platform on which he spends much of his time.

And to the delight of its very large audience. M Pokora has just shared a never-before-seen video in his story. We love it!

He reveals his incredible view of Hogwarts, the very famous school of the Harry Potter film series.


Every day, M Pokora feeds her Instagram account exclusive content. With it, Internet users don’t really have time to get bored.

Between photo shoots, little moments with his sweetheart, unreleased excerpts from his songs, and unpublished announcements, there is plenty to do.

Very close to his audience, the performer of the hit A nos acts missed does not hesitate to exchange and share with the latter, especially through his story.

On Thursday, January 28, the one who shares the life of the beautiful Christina Millian fed him a brand new exclusive video. And his fans are delighted!

The very famous French singer thus reveals the incredible view offered by his huge villa in Los Angeles. And it’s really beautiful!

In the distance, we see Hogwarts, the school in which Harry Potter learns magic. Yes, you’ve heard it!

And Mr. Pokora seems very proud to be able to peer through her from her window. It must be said that it is quite a privilege… Especially if you’re a fan of the universe!

“When from home you saw Hogwarts,” he says in his Instagram story, with the emblem of the famous sorcerer’s school. Great class!

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