M Pokora: her adorable message to Violet for her birthday!

Christina Milian’s daughter Violet celebrated her 11th birthday on Friday, February 26. Mr. Pokora left a nice message for his daughter-in-law.

Mr. Pokora is always caring for his daughter-in-law Violet. The singer posted a beautiful message to Christina Milian’s daughter for her 11th birthday and it touched the fans.

M Pokora loves Violet like her own daughter. The singer has been in a relationship with Christina Milian for several years. He moved to Los Angeles and lives with the actress and his daughter-in-law Violet. Matt quickly became able to integrate and became close to Christina’s child over the years.

Even after the arrival of little Isaiah, the artist did not leave Violet behind. He takes great care of her and does not hesitate to prepare tacos or take her to school. Besides, he is really happy to see that the 11-year-old girl is close to Isaiah. She takes great care of her brother and it is not uncommon to see them together.

M Pokora is in heaven with Christina Milian, Violet and Isaiah. The little piece of cabbage grows well and the family will soon grow. Christina is expecting her third child and is expected to give birth in a few weeks. It’s enough to make Violet happy, who will be able to take care of another little brother or sister.

However, this Friday, February 26, the 35-year-old singer had something important to celebrate. Violet just blew out her 11 candles and was inundated with messages of love for the occasion. It was Matt’s post, however, that was unanimous.


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Mr. Pokora did not miss Violet’s birthday. So at the jump of the bed, the singer posted some beautiful pictures of Christina Milian’s daughter. She is found caring for Isaiah but also in the singer’s arms. The artist and his daughter-in-law are very complicit and fans were able to discover never-before-seen photos.

In addition to the pictures, Isaiah’s dad left a beautiful message for Violet. In particular, he pointed out that Violet is very easy to live and is the best big sister he is for Isaiah. Matt Pokora is very proud that she takes care of the child over the age of one.

« Happy 11th birthday to the most fantastic of stepdaughters and the best big sisters that can exist for Isaiah,”he said on Instagram. Then, M Pokora added a simple sentence that proves that he became like his second dad. “You will always be my first child.”

Christina Milian, Matt, Isaiah and Violet are a beautiful family. They are united and everyone is looking forward to the arrival of the baby. At the moment, the two artists have not revealed the sex of their future child and are discreet about it. So will Violet soon have a sister? Case to follow!

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