M Pokora hyper nostalgic for his beginnings in music!

In his Instagram Story, M Pokora shared an old clip. Is the singer nostalgic for his early music debut?

It’s been more than 16 years since M Pokora was revealed to everyone on Popstar when he was still a minor. Since then, the singer has become one of the most famous artists in the world.

Discovered in the show of M6 in 2003 with linkup, Matt Pokora released his first album with the Linkup. The success of their first single Our Star heralds promising beginnings.

But, the three singers will separate a year later in order to evolve separately. In 2004, M Pokora released his first album, M Pokora. Everyone remembers the songs “She controls me” or “Not without you”.

The disc is certified gold with more than 160,000 copies sold. In his Instagram Story, the singer took a step backward by unveiling an old video.

Would Mr. Pokora be nostalgic for a certain era? Indeed, Strasbourg has put online a video of an old music video that he shot in 2006 and which had earned him the NRJ Music Awards of the Clip of the Year. Do you remember?

“It’s been 18 years… A career is a marathon. And not a sprint,” he wrote in the caption. The video in question is none other than the music video for the song Return of M Pokora. In a duet with American rapper Tyron Carter.


The artist is one of the most gifted French singers of his generation. So it’s understandable that Christina Milian’s baby is nostalgic for her early days.

Singer, dancer. Songwriter, actor… Within a few years, M Pokora became the most sought-after artist on the French scene.

Remember, in 2012, the singer joined the musical Robin Hood, directed by Michel Laprise. The singer starred in the musical, which featured several dates.

So in 2016, Mr. Pokora took a crazy gamble. Take back the greatest pieces of the late Claude François. As a result, the album My Way, entirely dedicated to the singer, was certified platinum in 10 days.

In 2018, Mr. Pokora announced that he was taking a break from his career in order to live in the United States. At the end of the year, he made a triumphant comeback in France with the Pyramid Tour.

Christina Milian’s baby was also welcoming her first child, Isaiah. From his relationship with Christina Milian. With the crisis of the Covid-19, the singer had to make a line on his tour of the Zeniths.

A painful episode, then, for the man who trained hard for a year in Los Angeles. So, while waiting for better days, M Pokora shares his old music videos with his fans. In memory of a time, he will never forget.

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