M Pokora nostalgic for the soundtrack of the series “Beverly Hills 90210”!

Mr. Pokora has lived in Los Angeles for several years. The singer had a blast putting the Beverly Hills soundtrack in the car.

Mr. Pokora lives a peaceful life in Los Angeles with Christina Milian. The singer wanted to get in the mood in the car and swung the sound of the series Beverly Hills 90210.

M Pokora, deep into the Beverly Hills 90210 series! For several years, the singer has been living with Christina Milian in Los Angeles. He enjoys the sun all year round and seems to like California. So when he doesn’t travel the roads of France for touring, the singer loves to be at home.

More than a year ago, Matt Pokora became a dad to a little boy. Isaiah grows up well and makes the family happy. The singer is looking forward to being a dad and takes great care of his son. Fans were able to see many pictures of the child walking with his father at the beach.

Mr. Pokora and Christina Milian decided to stay in California to educate their child. In fact, the two stars will soon be parents to another child. The actress is several months pregnant and is expected to give birth soon. However, for now, she preferred to keep the sex of the baby secret.

Isaiah will soon have a little sister or a little brother. The family grows and Matt Pokora is happy. Everything seems to be smiling at him right now, and he loves his life in the United States. Besides, he seems to love walking around Beverly Hills and he found the perfect song to accompany him.


M Pokora is back in Los Angeles and will surely no longer leave Christina Milian alone. Both parents must prepare for the arrival of the baby. In the meantime, the singer is taking advantage of California’s strengths, especially L.A.’s. So, on Thursday, February 4, he drove around Beverly Hills.

It was under the sunny sky that the singer took a ride in his car. So he took the time to pull out his phone to film one of his favorite neighborhoods. Indeed, the singer shared a video while he is in Beverly. Nevertheless, in order to be totally in the mood, he put the soundtrack of a flagship series.

Nostalgic, M Pokora swung the sound of the Beverly Hills 90210 series. Everyone knows this show of the 90s and the singer must have seen many times the episodes about the life of Kelly, Brandon, or Donna. At that time, this series was a real hit!

Thus, the singer seems to have had a little moment of nostalgia. In any case, the video must have given a smile to the fans of the first hour. Matt Pokora knows how to entertain his fans on Instagram and wanted to share a little bit of his dream life in the United States.

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