M Pokora shocks his fans by talking about naturism with Cauet!

The singer M Pokora makes a notable appearance on Sébastien Cauet’s show! We’ll give you more details.

M Pokora talks about naturism with Cauet and makes listeners laugh!

In his show, Sébastien Cauet is well known for loving making jokes. Indeed, the host of NRJ 12 is a fan of phone hoaxes.

Moreover, they often take advantage of his time on the air to trap listeners or even his guests. To the delight of his fans!

Thus, the singer M Pokora was the guest of Cauet in his show C’Cauet. This is not the first time a young French artist has participated in the show.

But that day he came across the day of the loop call. The principle is very simple. The host and his guest will choose someone to call.

And as the name of the game indicates, they will call it several times. Thus, they will only stop when the person at the end of the phone understands that this is a phone hoax!

In fact, the guest must also participate in the call. Indeed, it is not just a spectator! So he too will have a text to read to get his hands dirty.

Thus, Ms. Pokora showed her acting skills to the listeners of French radio. And it must be said that they were not disappointed.

The host, Sébastien Cauet for his part, has concocted a program with small onions! We’ll tell you everything, without further ado.


Christina Milian’s darling surprised fans with her acting. The young artist played the game to the end.

And it must be said that Sébastien Cauet had prepared him a nice custom program. So they were going to talk about camping, entertainment, shovel attack, and …. naturism!

“Camping at Maurice Point hello.” The host decided to call a campsite in the south-east of France.

The conversation begins quietly. Mr. Pokora asks the manager for mundane information.

Indeed, he asks her if it is beautiful at first. Then tries to find out about the activities offered by the establishment. So far so good!

Then comes the time to talk about naturism. “Can we do naturism?” then asks the young man.

The manager of the campsite will then give a very frank and hilarious answer! “Oh no to us no quequette to look, sir,” he says.

Mr. Pokora still managed to continue the conversation with him. Fans then unsealed his acting skills on his latest line.

“Oh wait, wait, there’s a guy with a shovel coming!” he throws before hanging up without warning. It will then provoke thunderous applause in the studio.

Sébastien Cauet and his guest managed to make 3 calls with their interlocutor noticing the deception. And he won’t even be off! A real achievement.

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