Map Minecraft leads us to live inside Hogwarts


For millions of people, the Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and wizardry is one of the places where it dwells a large part of their passion and happiness.

One of the vehicles to be able to bring to life this fantastic place have been video games, but sadly, unlike the film, Harry Potter has not had a strong relationship with this industry.

It is curious that it has been thanks to the films of Harry Potter, cultural icons of the beginning of the millennium, we have been able to understand things about Hogwarts that could pass unnoticed if we stick to the pages of the books. Simply, Hogwarts is huge.

This is very clear the study The Floo Network, who develop maps and mods for Minecraft and have presented a preview of his most ambitious work, a monumental map of Hogwarts.

But this is not something merely decorative, but you can see in the trailer which is a large-scale project, with a functionality of an RPG in the very complete of the universe of Harry Potter.

One of the ideas most persistent of many series is the “why not recreate the original experience that appealed to fans in a video game?”, and this is exactly what The Floo Network is doing with this mod.

An RPG of Harry Potter with a vast open world within the iconic scenarios of Hogwarts, Diagon alley or the neighborhood of Privet Drive, where you can play solo or with friends in multiplayer simultaneous.

A very common situation in the world of gaming on PC, given that companies own licenses of this level (in this case WB Games) consider that it is not worth creating this type of games by making short-term monetary.

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The video game industry and its users are kept on a difference of criteria inexhaustible, where the dealers insist on modalities for their benefit at the expense of the user experience. Therefore we will continue to see mods and independent creations that will give the players what they really want.


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