Marvel Studios : The adaptation of Secret Wars will return as Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) in Avengers 5 ?


Avengers : Endgame along with the super-heroes of the MCU in the face of Thanos, while the completion of the arc of a narrative of several of them, and that was epic. If the Multiverse should be an encouragement to many crossings in Phase 4, these various alternate realities that may also initiate the adaptation of the comics Secret Wars that rumor suggested the preparation on the big screen of the famous Avengers 5. Although it is still very secret, this project could represent one of the film’s more ambitious of the MCU, but also to allow some of the super-heroes, like our beloved Iron Man, re –. For this, you must be the reality that the studios Kevin Present adaptation of the popular comic book series Secret Wars output in 2015. Although the plot is similar to the twelve volumes released in 1984, written by Jonathan Hickman includes multiple dimensions and the various alternate realities.

Secret Wars.
Secret Wars.

These elements could lead to the arrival of new characters such as the X-Men, the Fantastic Four or Deadpool, allowing to return the character played for more than ten years Robert Downey Jr. The relativity of time and the plot of Secret Wars it would promote opportunities of history captivating, if this intersection were to serve as a source of inspiration for Avengers 5. In any case, the transformation of Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) in a Goddess of Thunder, or the introduction of the Eternal in Phase 4 are all elements that might indicate the future of the studies, these characters play an important role in Secret Wars. This, along with the possibilities of the Multiverse without a doubt will be the return of Iron Man and this despite the fact that his interpreter has entrusted to us have been hung in red and gold.

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