Max Ehrich wants “revenge” after being rejected by Demi Lovato


The actor and singer are determined not to give up and continues to seek the attention of his former love.

Max Ehrich still doesn’t understand why his engagement with Demi Lovato ended the way it did and he wants ‘revenge’. According to the TMZ website, there is ‘no way to stop’ the heartbroken actor, who was very depressed when he found out through the media that their relationship was over.

A source said that Max is willing not to give up and continues to seek the attention of his former love:

“Since everything was revealed, he has been trying to talk to Demi, but she has blocked him at all. He no longer has access to it and that has bothered him a lot. He thinks it was not the right way to end it all, ”reveals a person close to Ehrich.

Now the actor has finally managed to fulfill a dream and release his first song, Afraid, which has everything to do with the end of a relationship.

Max Ehrich released the song on Friday (16), called Afraid, and in it, he talks about the night he met the singer of Skyscrapper.

The singer explains in the lyrics, through an ‘internal dialogue’, how he was sure of his love story, but also how he was afraid of falling in love with her.

The song was recorded by Ehrich during quarantine in a ‘make-shift studio’ before they moved in together and Lovato broke up with him.

Recently, Demi Lovato contacted her lawyers because Ehrich refuses to ‘leave her alone’.