Meghan Markle: Elizabeth II takes new steps after Megxit!

Queen Elizabeth II takes further action after the departure of Meghan Markle and Harry. Here’s what’s going to change for them after the Megxit.

Elizabeth II takes radical new measures for Meghan Markle and Harry after the Megxit.

This Monday, February 15, the whole world discovered that Prince Harry and his wife were expecting their second child! Two years after the birth of little Archie, the former Duchess of Sussex is pregnant again.

It should be noted that this summer, the young mother had suffered a miscarriage. This announcement promises a great year for the couple who have been very discreet for several months.

Meghan Markle announced her big one this Sunday, February 14th. In fact, journalist Chris Ship, Queen Elizabeth II, was not informed until “shortly before the announcement was made public.”

The couple proves once again that they care about their independence and intend to keep their distance from the rest of the royal family. Based in Santa Barbara, Prince Harry and his sweetheart wanted a life away from the Crown.

Meghan Markle will be living her second pregnancy away from the royal family. It thus marks a real break with it.

Archie’s little brother or sister is expected to be re-opened in the United States in September. The baby will be the first great-grandson of the queen to be born outside of her territory.

Embarrassed by the whole story, Elizabeth II made a radical decision towards the couple. So what is prince Harry and his wife at risk? We tell you everything.


Elizabeth II has therefore made a great decision regarding Prince Harry and his wife. The sovereign will ask them to abandon all the patronages that they provided as representatives of the Crown.

In fact, she plans to announce all this at the end of March. A non-innocent date as it will coincide with the first anniversary of the Megxit.

Meghan Markle’s husband will be stripped of his three remaining honorary military titles. As well as his sponsorships with the Rugby Football Union. But also the Rugby Football League and the London Marathon. That’s all it is!

For her part, Archie’s mother will have to give up her position as patron of the National Theatre. You should know that was the godmother for 45 years!

A source told the Daily Mail that the Queen’s decision against Meghan Markle and her husband was “an inevitable and unfortunate consequence of Megxit.” CBS will also broadcast a 90-minute interview about the couple’s life.

The first part will deal with the arrival of the young actress in the life of the prince. Then her motherhood and media pressure. Prince Harry will later join her to talk about their new life in the United States. Case to follow.

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