Meghan Markle: Harry about to be on James Corden’s Late Late Show?

This is news that is likely to make a lot of noise! Meghan Markle’s husband Harry could soon appear on James Corden’s show.

It’s news that has inflamed tabloids all over the world. Meghan Markle’s husband Harry is slated to take part in James Corden’s upcoming Late Late Show.

Since setting foot on American soil, Lady Di’s son has made no public appearances on television. His only appearances were via Zoom.

Archie’s dad decided that in 2021 he would think about him, and that’s why he could appear on James Corden’s next show. The information was provided by The Mirror.

The tabloid People sulfurous revealed on February 6th that Meghan Markle’s husband decided to have a good time. So he left the Montecito villa where he lives with his wife and son to go to the CBS studios.

The young man was reportedly seen with James Corden’s film crew. In a few rare shots taken by the paparazzi, we see James Corden and Harry very complicit.

The two friends who share the same British accent filmed several scenes on the streets of Los Angeles. At this time, The Mirror does not specify whether the scenes shot for a Carpool Karaoke or some other secret project.

The pictures show Harry and James Corden having fun on a bus not far from Hollywood. A moment of relaxation that Prince Harry seems to have enjoyed.


Unmasked, they kept a distance from each other in order to comply with the government’s health measures. In the pictures on The Mirror, Harry laughs.

The British media revealed that the two friends were surrounded by numerous cameras. So we can conclude that Meghan’s husband gave an interview to James Corden, nothing more.

Rumors about Archie’s dad had been invading the web for several months. Among these rumors is Harry’s presence on television.

Both Meghan show up very little in the media. But by becoming full-fledged American citizens, the couple, more united than ever, decided to show up. And tv cameras are more than eager to learn more about one of the most powerful couples in the world.

Meghan Markle recently lent her voice to an elephant documentary for Disney. Added to this, Archie’s parents have signed a contract with Netflix, for which they will produce documentaries and reports.

And that’s not all! The couple is currently working with the music platform, Spotify, to create a special podcast. As you will understand, Meghan and Harry don’t have time to get bored.

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