Meghan Markle: Harry afraid that “history repeats itself” before Megxit!

Meghan Markle’s husband Prince Harry opens up about why he left the royal family! We tell you everything.

Meghan Markle’s darling, Prince Harry explains the reasons for his departure from the royal family!

It has been a year since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to leave the British Royal Family. The couple flew to the United States where they now live with their son Archie.

Meghan Markle is pregnant with their second child. On February 14, it was announced that the family was about to grow.

In any case, the couple seems happier than ever in their new life under the California sun. Besides, Prince Harry seems to be taking a led look at this American-style life.

Lately, the 36-year-old has been talking to James Corden for a rather special interview. The young dad took advantage of a walk through the streets of Los Angeles to talk about his new life.

But this weekend, it was another interview with the couple that caused a lot of ink. Indeed, Meghan Markle and Harry were Oprah’s guests for an exclusive interview.

The former actress and her husband have therefore returned to the reasons for their departure from the royal family. The Prince took the opportunity to make it clear that he was afraid that history would repeat itself. What exactly is he talking about? We’re telling you more.


Meghan Markle’s baby has therefore confided in himself about the reasons for their departure from England“My biggest fear was that history would repeat itself,” says Prince Harry.

“I am really happy and relieved to be here, to be able to talk to you, with my wife by my side.” adds the young dad. In saying this, Harry refers to the harassment his mother has suffered from the British media.

Princess Diana lost her life in a car accident in Paris while being pursued by paparazzi. She was only 36 years old.

Meghan Markle’s husband seems relieved to be able to live a quieter life in the United States. Far from the media tumult! Yes, I do.

Prince Harry has admitted that it affects his mental health. Unsurprisingly! Thus, the treatment of the media, which he describes as toxic, has encouraged him to start a new life across the Atlantic.

During the interview, the couple returned to the moment when they decided to relinquish their royal duties. Prince Harry and his wife also wanted to take their financial independence.

By emancipating themselves from the Crown, they regain their freedom. But the sovereign sees it differently.

Recently, she announced that the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex had to relinquish their patronage. As a result, Prince Harry had to relinquish his military credentials. A radical decision by the queen that made her grandson sad!

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