Meghan Markle: Harry is a happy dad to little Archie!

Meghan Markle’s husband, Prince Harry is happy to be the father of an “incredible” son! We’ll give you more details.

Meghan Markle’s baby is very proud of her son Archie.

Freed from his royal duties since the Megxit, Prince Harry can now play the stars! To the delight of fans who discover it a little more.

Besides, Meghan Markle’s sweetheart seems to be taking a taste of her new life in the United States. And like any American starlet, he agreed to give an interview to James Corden.

The latter is well known across the Atlantic for having the gift of putting the stars at ease. So much so that they confide more easily.

On February 25, Prince Harry’s interview with his friend and fellow expatriate was discovered. It was also an opportunity for the Duke of Sussex to talk about his new life as a father.

Indeed, the 36-year-old is the proud father of a little Archie, almost 2 years old. For this interview, Prince Harry appeared in his usual style.

Namely his eternal polo/jean/baskets combo! In the company of James Corden, the Prince was able to enjoy a little tourist trip through the streets of Los Angeles.

The host chose a double-decker bus with an open roof for the occasion. The two men will share tea and scones under the California sun.

In fact, Meghan Markle’s husband seems very comfortable during this exercise. It is therefore in good spirits that he will confide in his new life in the United States. We’re telling you more!


Meghan Markle’s baby confided in her family about her daily life, away from the Crown. “Next if the day has been busy, we make Archie’s tea, give him a bath, read him a book, put him down.” explains the young dad.

He then tells that he and his wife will go get ready or order food. Before you go into their room and watch Jeopardy or Netflix.

The young dad says his son has an “incredible personality.” “He’s already putting together 2, 3 words, he’s already singing songs,” says Harry, very proud of his son.

It reveals also that the first word of its son was “crocodile“. Meghan Markle’s sweetheart also says little Archie loves homemade waffles!

In fact, it’s thanks to a machine offered by her great-grandmother: Queen Elizabeth II! “Archie wakes up in the morning and says, “Waffle,” says Prince Harry.

The young dad, delighted by his family life, took the opportunity to set the record straight on the Megxit. He explains the oppression suffered by the British press becoming unlivable for him. He even admits that it affected his mental health and that of his family.

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