Meghan Markle: Harry is no longer the darling of Elizabeth II!

Since falling in love with Meghan Markle, Harry is no longer Elizabeth II’s favorite grandson!

Between his own family and Meghan Markle, Harry’s choice was very quick! Is this the reason why he is no longer the darling of Elizabeth II?

It’s been a year since Meghan Markle and Harry announced that they were moving away from the royal family for the sake of their family. A real blow for the English, but also and especially for Queen Elizabeth II!

And for good reason! She has always loved being very close to her eight grandchildren: Prince William, Prince Harry, Zara Tindall, Peter Phillips, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie… And finally Lady Louise and James.

And it was finally Prince Harry who was his favorite! According to all the tabloids, he would have been the darling of the queen forever! And as proof, Elizabeth II even authorized the Megxit with great difficulty, while she always refused it with the others!

But since they live far from England, it seems that Queen Elizabeth II forgets her dear and tender grandson. She now enjoys spending time with Lady Louise, the daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie of Wessex, as well as her younger brother, James.

An expert on royalty said: “The Queen appreciates the fact that Louise and James like to spend time in Balmoral. And so she became particularly close to Louise, who seems to have become her favorite grandchild, closely followed by James.”


Sophie from Wessex also told our colleagues at the Sunday Times. “I guess not everyone has grandparents who live in a castle. But where they go and who they are is not the most important. When they are with the queen, she is their grandmother.”

One thing’s for sure, it’s not going to please Harry. Her grandmother has always been the apple of her eye. But he doesn’t regret anything! If he has decided to leave, it is precisely to protect the one he loves more than anything.

Indeed, Meghan Markle suffered in silence, within the royal family. It was not unanimous! It was even constantly criticized.

Harry did everything he could to ensure that Meghan Markle did not go through the same ordeal as her own mother Lady Diana. So he made sure to leave for more tranquility.

But unfortunately, his departure led to the wrong languages! Meghan Markle and Harry have never been more exposed! In one year, they have accumulated scandals and media errors.

She’s been through a lot. So much so that she had a miscarriage! Let’s hope this new year is less restrictive for Sussex!

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