Meghan Markle: Harry ready to reconcile with his brother William?

Exiled in Los Angeles, Meghan Markle and Harry would like to make peace with the rest of the Windsor clan. Especially with Prince William!

Tensions with the rest of the Firm have more or less motivated Meghan Markle and Harry to move to the United States. According to a source close to the Windsors, Archie’s father would still be very happy to meet Prince William for a special occasion.

Many months after the Megxit, Meghan Markle and Harry continue to excite the crowds! Set in their sublime villa in L.A., the Sussex potash multiple projects in the utmost secrecy.

Last year, the couple unveiled some of them. Meghan Markle and Harry hit the jackpot by signing a golden contract with Netflix and Spotify.

For several million dollars, they agreed to produce different content for both groups. In parallel to all this, the Sussex raise their little Archie away from prying eyes.

 Across the Channel, many wonder when they will make their big return To England. According to some English media reports, Meghan Markle and Harry are making efforts to ease tensions with the rest of the Firm.

Especially with the Cambridge couple. As a reminder, Archie’s father often criticized him for his lack of support.

For his part, Prince William would have digested Megxit very badly! But since then, water has flowed under the bridges.

And the two brothers would get along much better. According to OK Magazine, they could end up in the months to see. We can’t wait!


Last I heard, Prince Harry and his older brother are reportedly focused on a joint project. Indeed this summer, they are expected to inaugurate a statue in tribute to their mother Lady Diana.

And this “project” would be very close to Meghan Markle’shusband. “Whatever happened between them, they will do everything possible to make this project happen,” a source close to the Windsors told Ok Magazine.

But also: “It would be wrong to say that their relationship is totally repaired, but 2020 has forced them to exchange several times. They focus on their families and that allows them to move forward.”

He concluded: “And while there is still a lot of work to be done on their relationship, they are moving in the right direction.” Good news for fans of the royal family.

To date, many tabloids claim that Prince Harry should return to the UK for his grandparents’ respective birthdays.

Queen Elizabeth II is due to celebrate her 95th birthday on April 21. Her husband Prince Philip will celebrate his 100th birthday on June 10, 2021.

At the moment, no one knows if Meghan Markle and little Archie will also make the trip. Case to follow you are told!

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