Meghan Markle: her dogs have been very supportive in 2020!

Meghan Markle didn’t have such an easy 2020… But she was able to count on a surprising support: her dogs, who helped her well.

2020 will therefore remain a special year for Meghan Markle. Between the Megxit, the moves and the setbacks, she had a lot of problems… But also could count on the comfort of his dogs!

Because the Duchess of Sussex must have a good ranking. With the Megxit, she attracted the wrath of the British,the royal family, the tabloids…

And even his family! Meghan Markle’s father and sister-in-law have been doing it all since the princess dropped the Crown. A lot of detractors, so… But most of the problem isn’t there.

Moves to Canada and then to Los Angeles also caused their share of setbacks. Price of security, where to stay, how, with what money: the questions multiply, and the answers are not always simple

And while the contract between Meghan Markle and Netflix is expected to bring in tens of thousands of pounds in Sussex, the critics remain very much there. Yet they have tried to restore their coat of arms.

They have done a lot of great things to give a better picture of themselves. Delivering meals in Los Angeles, giving money, buying beanies for the needy: they didn’t give up anything.


But the year remains quite hard, with the containment … And with the paparazzi who continue to look to see Archie. Because the Sussexs are doing everything they can to keep their son as far away from the cameras as possible.

A somewhat harsh situation, in which Meghan Markle finds solace. She invited her mother to move in with her,Harry and Archie. A precious help for the Duchess… But who also relies on his dogs.

Very attached to animals, Prince Harry’s wife owns a beagle, named Guy, and a black labrador, whom she called Pula. With her two dogs, she finds the love and support she needs.

They, too, give him strength. “Every time we talk about charity with the Duchess, she always refers to the importance of her dogs, especially during this year with the Covid.”

These confidences come from Caroline Yates, who is in charge of the animal rights association chaired by Meghan Markle. She adds a few words to Hello “As soon as she has a problem, she finds solace in them”.

Surrounded by her family and her dogs, the former actress begins to find a normal rhythm of life. Away from the tabloids, far from the criticism, she manages to blow and enjoy her son…

It remains to be seen how 2021 will unfold for her! For Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have to negotiate the Mexgit with the Queen… He’s going to need some comfort!

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