Meghan Markle: her father ready to sue her loved ones for defamation!

Meghan Markle will certainly be following the case very closely. Indeed, her father Thomas sued five of their relatives!

Meghan Markle is not alone in taking legal action. The latest news is that her father Thomas Markle has filed a complaint against five relatives who have revealed one of her letters exchanged with the Duchess.

Right now, Meghan Markle and Harry are making the front page of the tabloids! And for good reason, on March 7, they settled their accounts with the rest of the Windsor clan in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Without a filter, the couple pinned the Firm about Megxit. Accusing her of being the cause of all their ills.

According to them, members of the royal family, as well as their staff, participated in their media lynching. Shocking!

“I don’t know how they would expect that after all this time we could just keep quiet if they play an active role in peddling lies about us,” Said Meghan Markle.

She also pointed out that she had been a victim of racism. Just like little Archie.

In addition, the Sussex pointed to the lack of support from the Crown. In any case, the problems seem to be piling up for Meghan Markle.

Some members of her family continue to shamelessly taunt her in the media. Like her half-sister Samantha, or even her father Thomas Markle.

Last I heard, he’d like to settle her scores with some of her relatives! We’ll explain.


Last year, People magazine published a letter from Meghan Markle in its columns. Determined, Archie’s grandfather recently assured the Sunday People that she would file a complaint against five relatives who leaked this mail that was sent to her.

The names of those affected have not yet been released. In the process, Archie’s grandfather could also sue the “People” media outlet.

“I’m trying to get the names and I’m going to take legal action,” Thomas Markle told the Sunday People. “Lies have been told about me, it’s defamation.”

He added: “The magazine could also be responsible, as well as the people who gave the information – but no one seems to want to give up their name.”

If her relationship with Meghan Markle is still stalled, Prince Harry’s father-in-law wants to restore her image! That is partly why she has unveiled the rest of this letter to the English tabloids in the past.

Annoying at the point of Sussex. “I had to defend myself,” said Dorian Ragland’s ex-husband. “I only published parts of the letter because the others were so painful. The letter did not seem at all to be a message of love to me. I found it hurtful.”

It remains to be seen whether her version will convince Meghan Markle to get back together with her. Case to follow then!

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