Meghan Markle is still very poorly perceived by the British!

Meghan Markle was never unanimous among the British. It is constantly judged and criticized!

Although she lives far from England, Meghan Markle still has a very bad reputation with the British! A survey showed that it was no longer in their hearts.

Thirteen months ago, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced a major decision that caused controversy. That of leaving the royal family for good. So they moved to the United States with their son. It’s a blow to the British!

Since then, Meghan Markle has received a lot of criticism. So she made the front page of all the British tabloids. Yet she left her husband’s country to escape media pressure… To no avail!

The English are not ready to forgive him for his departure. And things are not likely to improve with the results of a survey conducted by YouGov.

The latter indicated that Camilla Parker Bowles was more popular than Meghan Markle among the British. Unfortunately for the Duchess of Sussex, she will never have a place in the hearts of the British.

In the end, Prince William took first place in the poll. The Queen is in second place, closely followed by Kate Middleton. While little Archie’s mother is in 11th place.


It is also a blow to Prince Harry, who seems to have had enough of being constantly criticized in the media or on social media. The numerous scandals and controversies had contributed to the loss of Meghan Markle’s second child.

Prince Harry has emotionally denounced the misinformation on the Internet: “I was very surprised to see how my story was told. How my wives were told in a certain way (…). «

This false narrative has become the heart of all this harassment. It would never have happened if, from the beginning, our story had been told honestly. »

“It has led us to hear from so many others around the world. We have given a lot of thought to those who are in much more vulnerable positions than we are. And what real need for empathy and support is there. »

For his part, his wife suffers in silence. It merely deletes the “thousands” of comments on social networks. A source close to the matter said:

“There are automated tools that can help control very inappropriate comments about Meghan Markle. And there are often thousands of comments. So it only takes a few people to spark a really unpleasant conversation with very aggressive people. »

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