Meghan Markle: this poll about her marriage that she’s not going to love!

According to a poll launched by the Daily Express, the British are convinced that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will soon divorce!

Certainly, Meghan Markle and Harry continue to divide across the Channel. According to a Daily Express poll, Britons are unconvinced by the length of the Sussex wedding. Atmosphere!

For several months, Meghan Markle and Harry have been living completely in hiding in their sublime villa in Montecito. A year ago, the Sussex surprised the world by formalizing on the Web their desire to leave the royal family.

Wanting to become financially “independent”, the couple ensured that they wanted to live a new life away from the Firm and the media. To date, this bet (risqué) is more or less successful.

Last year, Meghan Markle and Harry hit the jackpot by signing a golden contract with Netflix. But also Spotify.

For millions of dollars, Archie’s parents have agreed to produce multiple projects that are expected to be discovered sometime in 2021. Class!

If the Sussex seems to be fully fulfilled in the United States, they should still be concerned about their popularity in England. Indeed, some Britons obviously still have the famous Mexgit across their throats.

Worse! Fans of the Windsor clan accuse Meghan Markle of all evils. For them, the former Suits star would manipulate Prince Harry at will and she is said to be the main cause of tensions within the royal family.

Recently, the “Daily Express” also launched a survey to its readers focused on the marriage of Archie’s parents. And the results will ulcerate them!


In its columns, the tabloid wanted to know if the British thought Meghan Markle and Harry were going to make their big comeback in the UK. “Do you think Harry and Meghan will ever want to return to the royal family?”!” it read.

Be aware that more than half of those polled (25,781 voters to be exact) said, “Only Harry will return.” And that’s not all!

In their responses, some also assured that the couple was not going to last long. “I don’t see their marriage last and Harry would then, most likely, return to the royal fold,” said an anonymous.

“Harry will want to come back when Meghan gets divorced,” said another. Attacked from all sides, it was mainly for this reason that the Sussex decided to leave England.

To this day, they are more discreet in the media! And their outings to L.A. are pretty rare.

Far from prying eyes, the couple takes care of little Archie in peace. And Doria Ragland, Meghan Markle’s mom, is never far away to help.

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