Meghan Markle very nervous when announcing her pregnancy!

She did it! Meghan Markle is pregnant with her second child. But the young woman was very nervous at the beginning of her pregnancy.

Meghan Markle has just announced her pregnancy on Valentine’s Day. After a period not necessarily simple, the couple is happy to announce that little Archie will soon be a big brother. But the Duchess was rather nervous before this statement.

In July, we learned that the young mother had just had a miscarriage. Terrible trauma. But the couple didn’t want to give up. They wanted a second child. And pretty quickly, the Duchess gets pregnant! A blessing.

“They were filled with joy that it was so fast a source told Elle. But obviously, given past experience, both were rather anxious at the beginning of her pregnancy. “Both were nervous. It took a while before they could relax and really live the pregnancy to the fullest. »

That’s why Meghan Markle didn’t want to announce her pregnancy right away. The young woman was too afraid of yet another complication. Especially since the couple always wanted to have a second child. With Archie now a year and a half old, they felt ready.

Meghan Markle and Harry love their role as parents. A source close to the royal family said: “They are looking forward to sharing all these moments with a second child. They are so happy to have their little family around them“. So the couple is on a small cloud.


A beautiful photo was coming out on social media. We could see the couple in a moment of complicity. Meghan Markle is lying on the floor and Harry looks at her with very tender eyes. The young woman’s belly is already well bounced!

But the Duchess was very afraid of losing the child again. So she was waiting for the doctors’ confirmation and her second trimester to highlight the fact that she is pregnant for the second time. And it is her husband Harry who is happy.

The Prince has always wanted two children. He had confided this in an interview. “Two maximum!” he had answered the journalist’s question. A wish that will quickly become a reality. At the moment, we don’t know if this baby will be a girl or a boy!

Especially since in the family, there are often more boys than girls! In any case, Meghan Markle looks to be doing well. One imagines that the Duchess is very careful just in case. Having a miscarriage is a very complicated ordeal for every woman.

So we hope that everything will go well for her in the coming months. The small family will soon grow to include 4 members. For now, the royal family says it is “delighted with the news.”

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