Meghan Markle’s father admits, “he did negotiate with the press”

The relationship between actress Meghan Markle and her father is becoming increasingly damaged, Thomas Markle’s new statements reveal a war she plans to continue, she recently admitted that she did sell information to the British press as in a moment, her daughter noted.

So was Thomas Markle’s reaction after his own daughter, Meghan Markle, and her husband, Prince Harry, gave Oprah Winfrey an interview last Sunday where issues related to some of her bad experiences as part of the British Family were primarily touched, now it is Meghan’s father who issues a strong warning.

“He’s willing to keep talking to the press if he doesn’t hear from his daughter soon and son-in-law pointed out Thomas Markle.”

If I don’t have a communication with them in 30 days, I’ll do another interview. I’d love to hear from them. When they decide to talk to me, I’ll stop talking to the press, he warned.

Meghan’s worst nightmare comes true, it is now his father, Thomas Markle, who reveals that he did sell information to British tabloids as the Duchess of Sussex once accused, not content, warns that “this will continue as long as her daughter does not speak to her,” she revealed in an interview with the show “Good Morning Britain.”

I wish I hadn’t, but here’s the other side of the coin. No one took the time to protect any member of our family. The press attacked us every day, Thomas said as an excuse.

It should be remembered that from the past close relationship between Meghan and her parent she ended up collapsing when the“former royalty member” told her father to sell information to British tabloids of their conversations, even the content of a letter she sent her.

It is now his father who confirms, he did confabulate with the press to make such information known. That” marked the end of our relationship, not a reconciliation, he said.

However, conflicts appear not to end there, as Thomas Mark would use this measure to persuade his daughter to approach him again after Archie’s birth revealed that he would like to meet his grandson so he now seems to somehow force his daughter to introduce him.


I would like to apologize for what I did, but this was two years ago… I’ve tried to make it up to you. But these stories in the paper are because I haven’t heard from you. He justified Thomas, he’d tell his daughter if I had her in front of him.

Today, Thomas noted that he is completely unaware of the life of the Sussex, so now that they are based in California, 112 kilometers away from where he is, he hopes they can make contact.

The bottom line is, I’ve never heard from Harry and Meghan in any way or form. Basically, what I do, because I have no news of them, is that I plan a story with the press.

Similarly, he pointed out that no one is perfect and everyone is wrong at some point.

We all make mistakes … but I’ve never played naked pool and I’ve never dressed like Hitler”

On the other hand, Thomas Markle countered Meghan’s comments regarding concern about his grandson’s skin color:

I have great respect for the royal family and I don’t think it’s racist at all. I don’t think the British are racist.”

On 19 May 2018, Thomas Markle did not hand over his daughter Meghan at the altar, in St George’s Chapel of Windsor Castle, where the religious liaison was held, it was Prince Charles of Wales who supported the couple by carrying the bride’s arm to the altar.

At this point, father and daughter would have broken off their relationship amid several conflicts, the then fiancée of Queen Elizabeth’s grandson would have claimed Thomas, a series of negotiations she had had with some paparazzi so that they could capture some images of the link with the Windsor’s heir, Prince Harry.

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