Melania Trump cruel to their employees ? A close version of the book


Accused in a recent book, show no mercy with your staff, the first lady of the united States Melania Trump go to your hairdresser personal shout to his defence.

Lino Carbosiero has not really tested the last book of the journalist Mary Jordan. The barber staff Melania Trump believes that the book, published by the winner of the Pulitzer prize and the title The Art of Your Offer returns a false picture of the u.s. the first lady. The wife of Donald Trump is described as “without mercy“with the employees, please do not hesitate to hire, and then return to the sandstone of their moods. Of the great nothing with him. “Your team is so well treatedhe says that in the Evening Standard, I know because I’ve spoken with“.

Without the support of their statements, the stylist assigned to Melania Trump returns to the relationship of the first lady with her husband. While the book and several of the leading international media refer to a couple of presidential flying wing, Lino Carbosiero believe that these tests are only “nonsense“. About Donald and Melania Trump, he says and: I have seen them up close and they are so sweet with each other. The barber takes you there standing against the many rumors that Melania Trump is waiting for him at the end of the presidential term of her husband, to pack their bags. The majority of in the need for the hashtag #FreeMelania in this case?

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Output orchestrated?

Speaking of stylist of the the first lady it is, obviously, to take it with a grain of salt. The employees of the presidential couple rarely have the authority to take the word of the lord, and only the beam deflector, and they are many, have broken their silence to describe the chaos that reigns in their behind-the-scenes of the White House. It is more than possible that the media coverage of Lino Carbosiero has been organized by the communication service of Donald Trump in order to improve its image after a double crisis of the health and social in which his popularity has suffered a blow.

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