Messi Record Won Best Footballer, America’s Repino Topper in Women


Football club Barcelona striker Lionel Messi (32) was voted the world’s best footballer on Monday night. He won the Ballon d’Or award for a record sixth time at a ceremony in Paris. Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dyk finished second and Cristiano Ronaldo of Yuvantas finished third. Among women, Megan Repino of America won the second-best player honor. Before her, Norway’s Ada Hägerberg has done this.

After winning the award, Messi said, “10 years have passed when I first received this honor.” At that time I was 22 years old and had arrived here with my three brothers. I hope to play more football next year. I know that the retirement age is close. That’s why I’m living every moment. “Earlier, Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal has won this award five times. 

Repino said – reached here with the support of the team

Repino, who won the honor in the women’s category for the second time, said – This year was fantastic for me. I would like to thank my teammates, coaches and the US Football Federation. It was due to their cooperation that I was able to demonstrate this.

Messi won the award after 4 years

Messi won the award four years later. Last time, they could not even make it to the top three. In 2018, the title was won by Real Madrid and Luca Maudrich of Croatia. Messi is in tremendous form this year. He has scored 46 goals in 53 matches. Last season in La Liga, he scored 36 goals in 34 matches and also became his club champion. 

First player to score goals against 34 teams in Messi Champions League

Messi also became the first player to score goals against 34 different teams in the Champions League. He achieved this by scoring a goal against Dortmund in a match played on Wednesday last week. Before them, Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Spain’s Raul scored goals against 33 teams.

Norway’s Ada has won this title twice before Repino

American player Reppino has become the second female player to win the Ballon de Or Award twice. Before her, Norway’s Ada Hägerberg has done this. Thanks to Repino, America managed to win the Football World Cup for the second time in July this year. He scored the first goal in a 2–0 win against the Netherlands in the final. Repino also received the Golden Boot and Golden Ball at the tournament. The American player has also received FIFA’s Best Female Player award this year.


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