Met Gala : what personality has been banned from the event


The edition 2020 of the Met Gala to be held on Monday 4 may. But because of the outbreak of coronavirus, it is on the social networks that the stars have presented their outfits. Celebrities, except one, which has been banned from the event.

Each year, it is a glamorous event unmissable. But in 2020, the Met Gala has been postponed. Epidemic of coronavirus requires, it’s impossible for celebrities to make their outfits sometimes wonderful, sometimes wacky but always spectacular on the red carpet of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. This year, the theme of the event was clear : “About Time : Fashion and Duration”. For the 72nd edition of the Met Gala, the stars had to compete in terms of inventiveness to highlight the “reinvention of the mode fragmented, discontinuous and heterogeneous”as confided to the costumer-in-chief of the Costume Institute of the Met, Andrew Bolton to Vogue. And if this gala is an unmissable rendez-vous for many a personality has been banned : Donald Trump. Upon his election to the head of the United States, the president became persona non grata.

Interviewed by James Corden in 2017, Anna Wintour did not hesitate one second to announce that it would invite more Donald Trump at the Met Gala. And yet, the family of the Potus has several times attended this evening. The president of the USA has started to attend the mid-80s, accompanied by his wife, then Ivana Trump. In 1998, it was attended with Andrea Murrayand then took Melania and Ivanka Trump in 2004. And this is even during the evening that Donald Trump had asked for the hand of the one who became his wife the following year. At the time, the couple was together for five years, having met at a party during Fashion Week in 1998. About their meeting, Melania Trump was telling the Harper’s Bazaar : “He wanted my number, but he had an appointment, so of course I have not given him”.

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Anna Wintour is very rise against Donald Trump

“I said to him : ‘I don’t give you my number, you give me yours, and I’ll call you.’ I wanted to see what kind of number it would give me – if it was a business number”, told the First Lady. After the announcement of the postponement of this year’s Met Gala, Anna Wintour cracked a article of vitriol on the site of Vogue. In it, the legendary editor-in-chief pays for the management of the epidemic by Donald Trump. “Like everyone, I experienced this crisis Covid-19 as a series of developments disappointing, where one never knows what each new day will bring, she wrote. Like many of us, I was appalled by the way he reacted to the pandemic, ( … ), the ease of narcissistic tendencies with which he blamed others, his dishonesty with the american people, and worse still, with the lack of offensive empathy and compassion for those who suffer and are afraid.” It is not tomorrow the day before that Donald Trump will be back at the Met Gala.

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