Metro Exodus returns to Steam after being an Epic Games Store 25exclusive


Metro Exodus returns on Steam on February 15, 2020, with 40% after being an exclusive Epic Games Store for several months.

Metro Exodus, the third installment of the “Metro” series, returns to Steam today February 15, 2020, with a 40% discount. It does this after being an exclusive Epic Games Store for a year.

For the uninitiated Metro Exodus is the latest installment in the Metro series, an acclaimed first-person shooter with strong narrative elements. In the review of Metro Exodus Pierpaolo Greco says that “Metro Exodus is an exclusively single-player first-person shooter like you don’t see it that often. It is played with pleasure from start to finish thanks to a fascinating narrative arc, gameplay enriched by a series of peculiar mechanics of the series, and an amazing graphics sector. To clash are only a few small smudges, almost of the accidents of the route, above all the lack of artificial intelligence and the subdued character models . “A game however remarkable, enough to deserve a full eight.

A year later, Metro Exodus returns on Steam. And it does it with a 40% discount. This is news, because the game of 4A Games and Deep Silver, in fact, was one of the first to decide to run away from Steam to become an exclusive Epic Games Store. With all the controversy of the case by the “betrayed” players.

From today 20 February 2020, Artyom fans will be able to continue its epic on Steam, perhaps in the Gold Edition which also contains the 2 DLCs linked to the story, the last of which is The Story of Sam.

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