Mia Khalifa “Like old times” appears on video

Model, entrepreneur, and former Lebanese actress Mia Khalifa shared a video on Instagram in which for some of her fans, she seems to be remembering “the old days.”

As you well know a few years ago she was performing in the adult entertainment industry, but after a few months she retired, today she is quite an influencer and entrepreneur besides celebrity on Instagram.

However, one thing Mia Khalifa has not been able to get rid of is her fame in this type of film, and is that she always ends up being associated with what she wants or not.


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The same happened when she shared this video on Instagram on October 27, 2020, where she is promoting a spa, but doing so in a more than flirtatious way according to the internet users who commented on the video.

In the video, she appears in some scenes enjoying a foam bath, some lotions, and so on, however in the way she does it draws quite the attention of sure to see her some of her fans immediately remembered the old days.

Thanks to this type of entertainment in which the name Mia Khalifa became popular, to date it remains a continuous trend and one of the most sought-after personalities on Google.

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