Mia Khalifa’s Micro Lace competes against Elsa Jean!

There are several things that Mia Khalifa and Elsa Jean agree with is that they are both strong competitors, although not directly because this competition is more created by their admirers.

A second coincidence is that they relate to films for adults, however, Mia Khalifa retired years ago, as long as Elsa Jean remains active to date and both are industry celebrities.

Mia Khalifa reportedly recorded 34 films in a total of 3 months and the blonde named Sapphire Nicole Howell has recorded 593 since 2015, according to the IAFD (Internet Adult Film Database).


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Although Molly or Elsa Dream as she is also called the actress is a few years old with her Instagram account, she still does not reach the popularity of Mia Callista, a nickname of the former actress.

As strong competitors Robert Sandberg’s wife is using tiny lenc3ría that lets her stunning charms pee her out, leaving them in sight of everyone.

This image, which in fact are two, but are the same the difference is that one has a filter, they were part of a photoshoot without flirtation that made the beautiful Lebanese.

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