“Michael Jordan is not the good comparison to LeBron “


Compared ever since The Last Dance, LeBron James and Michael Jordan seem to compete for the title of GOAT. A feeling that is not shared by Charles Barkley, which imagines a rather different comparison for the King.

With the spread of The Last Dance a few weeks ago now, the debate of GOAT is back for a tour, and everyone wants to give his opinion. LeBron James on one side and Michael Jordan on the other : it is the former player of Bulls, which seems to be getting the most favor in the general opinion.

Many consultants vote for His Airness, including Charles Barkley, who has had a relationship vexed with him. During the “Lefkoe Show “the former pitbull of the Suns has made his choice, and it is very simple for him.

For me, Michael is the GOAT.

It is an opinion like any other, but Barkley goes even a bit further. According to him, LeBron should not be compared to Jordan. There is another choice, more precisely on a former Laker :

I’ve always said that LeBron was closer to Magic Johnson than he is Michael.

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With a real mindset changer, it is true that the King and Magic have a lot in common in their game. Barkley prefers in any case to compare MJ to… Kobe Bryant :

I’m never going to say anything bad about LeBron James, but the player closest to Michael was Kobe. And by that, I mean someone who had a vision so singular, he just wanted to win. “I” am not worried about what teammates think. “I” am not worried about what the coach thinks. “I” just want to win.

Another interesting comment according to Barkley : LeBron would just be an issue with the victory. The Chosen One does not possess this ” mentality of a killer “, able to bring a player to the heights. If one relies on this statement, LeBron is without a doubt a better team-mate for Barkley than Mike and Kobe.

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Be it Jordan or Magic, the two comparisons are special for LeBron James.


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