Microsoft denies the rumours about the closure of servers for Minecraft in 2020


By E. B.

The rumor that Minecraft I was going to close its servers by the end of 2020 it is a hoax created by the web-site of jokes Channel45news, according to has informed the community manager MicrosoftHelen Zbihlyj.

Channel45news is a web site aimed at making jokes, as it allows anyone to generate a news story that seems real. In this case, the news that desat cheating tena as title “Minecraft shut down its servers by the end of 2020.”

The community manager of Microsoft has been the one who has denied this information, stating that “Minecraft is not stopped, Mojang is not closed.”

“I can confirm that there is cerrarn servers Minecraft in 2020. It is only a estpido cheating,” he warned Zbihlyj through his personal Twitter account.

Minecraft, which was released in 2011, remains one of the games most popular today with 739.762 players average daily. Zbihlyj has ensured that there still is a long time for this game to close its servers.

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