Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber reunited for a benefit concert !


What has been dreamed, they did it ! Miley Cyrus, Shakira, and Justin Bieber will reunite for a benefit concert to be exceptional !

It is an event not to be missed under no pretext. This year, Justin Bieber, Miley, Shakira, and many others come together…

And it’s for a good cause ! In effect, the Global Citizen and of the European Commission Monday announced that a concert would be held. In the next few days, as well.

This last is no other than the concert ” General Objective : Unite for Our Future “, which translates as “A single goal : United for our future “. It is through a press release broadcast on the web that people have knowledge of this event.

The concert was, of course, intended to raise the awareness of the population about the pandemic of sars coronavirus. It continues to kill thousands of people all over the world. And also how the virus has affected each and every one.

On the stage is going to produce exceptional artists. Among them, the singer Miley Cyrus, who will be the voice. Or even Shakira, who will perform his greatest hits. But this is not all, Justin Bieber is also expected to sing. On the stage.

The singer is going to sing his last song, Stuck With the U ? As a reminder, the music, a duet with Ariana Grande has been written with the purpose of collecting donations.

The message of Miley Cyrus for the Overall Goal: to Unite For Our Future

The message of Miley Cyrus for the Overall Goal: to Unite For Our Future

Miley Cyrus, Shakira, Justin Bieber… the stars are mobilized to the benefit concert !

Make a note in your diaries that the concert will, therefore, take place on the 27th of June next. It will be broadcast live on all streaming platforms.

For the americans, these last therefore, you can see the show on tv. In the NBC, therefore, that the will to live.

In addition to Justin Bieber, Shakira, and Miley Cyrus, other great artists will give their voice. In the scenario, J Balvin, Christine and the Queens. Usher and Hugh Jackman will be on the stage.

Sensitive to the cause, Miley Cyrus was recently registered a video. About this event. She said : “We all have to act “.

And that’s not all ! It connects as well : “As global Citizens, we call on world leaders to fight against the COVID-19. Through the collection of donations. To advance research and to offer tests and other treatments.”

The singer Shakira has also recorded a message. In the last, he asked his fans to make donations. “It is very important. Therefore, it is necessary to support researchers. Appointment on the 26th of June. I’m going to sing for you all ! “he announced, therefore,

Appointment Saturday, June 27, this concert of exception. Throughout the night, internet users can make donations to support research into the COVID-19.