Miley Cyrus’ bitch almost died from electrocution


Little Dog, Miley Cyrus’ dog, suffered a severe shock after biting on cables on the set of The Voice.

Miley Cyrus shares the most scandalous accident her dog was involved in.

The singer revealed that her dog, Little Dog, got electrocuted after chewing on some wires on the sets of The Voice when she was a coach.

Cyrus was a coach in Season 11 and Season 13, which aired in 2016 and 2017, respectively. She also served as a consultant in season 10.

“This is sad, but it was handled, and my dog ​​is totally prosperous and well,” Cyrus narrated her story to Frankie V on the morning show Geena The Latina and Frankie V Morning Show.

“You know there are cables everywhere on sets. We have all the people singing, everyone is huddled together thinking, ‘Who is going to win La Voz?’ And my dog ​​goes and bites the cables of the television that everyone is watching and suddenly, we notice that she is convulsing and is electrocuted.

The singer assured her fans that Little Dog is doing well, “She was totally fine” and is now “thriving” at her home in Nashville.

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