Millie Bobby Brown back in a relationship with Jacob Sartorius?

Is actress Millie Bobby Brownback in a relationship with Jacob Sartorius? We’ll give you more details!

Is Millie Bobby Brownback in a relationship with Jacob Sartorius?

Fans of the Stranger Things star believe their favorite actress is in a relationship with her ex again. The cause? A comment that the young woman allegedly left on the young man’s Instagram account.

Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartoriudated in 2018. Indeed, the two young artists have been in a relationship for only a few months.

At the time, the girl was only 13 years old. As for the young man, he was 15.

Moreover, for those who do not know him, Jacob Sartorius is a young musician. He became famous thanks to a video on Vine where he spoke about harassment. He hoped to raise awareness of the subject.

The reason for their breakup remains unclear. Indeed, some rumors say that the young actress has learned a terrible revelation about her darling. But the latter prefers to say that they have parted ways.

It was later learned that the young man was asking his fans to send him nudes on social media. Worse, he would be very insistent with some young girls.

Something Millie Bobby Brown couldn’t accept! And we understand.

After their breakup, the two young people remained on good terms. But their respective fans have always believed that the two exes did not remain friends. Unsurprisingly!


After this nude thing, the young woman decided to end their relationship. According to the information of Girlfriend magazine, the starlet has also erased all traces of their relationship!

Including photos, messages, and other gifts he could have given her. Millie Bobby Brown would have definitely turned the page on his ex.

But it seems that some fans think that the young exes are together again! On Thursday, February 25, Millie Bobby Brown was on a live Instagram call by Jacob Sartorius.

The young woman then decided to write her a comment. “What’s new!! it reads.

The fans are panicking! They who thought that the two exes were cold now wonder if they are in a relationship again.

Maybe it was just a way for the actress to hear from her, nothing more. When they were in a relationship, the two lovers were very active on social networks.

Indeed, they wrote a lot and often shared photos or music. In short, they were inseparable.

The two exes have therefore lived a beautiful love story, which now seems behind them. So it’s possible that they’re just friends again! Case to follow.

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