Millie Bobby Brown beautiful all made up on Instagram!

Millie Bobby Brown posted a beautiful photo of her make-up to promote a new product Florence by Mills!

To promote her brand Florence by Mills, Millie Bobby Brown unveiled a photo of herself wearing makeup on her brand’s Instagram account!

At just 16 years old, Millie Bobby Brown was full of an accomplished young woman! Indeed, the latter manages her career as an actress and producer with a masterful hand… And next to that, her cosmetics and skincare brand Florence by Mills is a real hit!

So, a few hours ago, on her brand’s Instagram account, Millie posted a beautiful photo of her! Indeed, in the shot in question, the girl posed with blue eyeshadow!

A cliché to promote a new product! Thus, the actress wrote the following text in the caption: “Hooked to light, our cosmic shadows have a talc-free formula that offers a high pigment rendering so that our eyes can shine!”

A shot of Millie Bobby Brown that her fans loved! Indeed, the publication in question already has more than 190,000 likes on the social network, a real record for the actress of Enola Holmes and Stranger Things!

So we let you admire the shot in question below! Watch your eyes…


Like every post by Millie Bobby Brown, Internet users commented en masse on her latest post on the Instagram account of “Florence By Mills”! Indeed, they obviously loved her very colorful make-up!

D1softball News invites you to discover some adorable comments from Internet users! “We’re used to seeing Millie without any make-up or make-up in a very natural way… There, it changes, it’s super Mimi! »

Or: “Too beautiful, this eyeshadow looks really ultra-pigmented! That’s crazy… I can’t wait to test it! “Millie Bobby Brown, you’re too well made up! I just received the new Florence by Mills lip balm… She helped me a lot! »

“Pink lips, blue eyes… This make-up is just too cute! Simple and colorful… In your image after all! Don’t change stay the way you are, you’re my favorite actress! The 16-year-old actress can be read on her social network!

Comments all more positive than the other! An enthusiasm that will please the start of the film Enola Holmes! Indeed, the latter can count on its fans to test and validate its products Florence By Mills!

No doubt, with Millie Bobby Brown as the muse, this new liquid, and colored eyeshadows are likely to make a hit… To the delight of the beautiful actress!

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