Millie Bobby Brown celebrates her 17th birthday with an adorable video of her!

On her Instagram account, Millie Bobby Brown posted a beautiful video on the occasion of her 17th birthday.

On her birthday, Millie Bobby Brown shared an adorable video with her fans on Instagram. The 17-year-old was a young girl when she was still a little girl.

It’s the big day for Millie Bobby Brown! This Friday, February 19, the star of the series Stranger Things blows his seventeenth candle. Let time pass quickly!

Indeed, the general public discovered her when she was only 12 years old. Since then, the star has come a long way. And it must be believed that the designer of the brand Florence by Mills is already nostalgic for her childhood.

As proof, the little protégé of singer Miley Cyrus has just shared an adorable video on her Instagram account. So you can see it as a little girl. But we recognize her thanks to her beautiful round eyes!

So, in front of the camera, Millie Bobby Brown was already enjoying doing the show. In short, the girl kept repeating “I love you” before pushing the song.

So it didn’t take more than that to crack all its subscribers. In the comments part, all admit to having fallen under the spell of his adorable little porridge.


Other fans of Millie Bobby Brown, on the other hand, wish him a very nice birthday. Thus, we can read the following messages: “Happy Birthday, an absolute legend. I love you, my daughter. Have a good day ❤️❤️”

“Today, February 19, 2021, Millie is 17 years old. I can’t believe Millie’s any longer 16, she is just one more year short of being in order. Oh my god 🥺 “

In fact, the young woman adds: “Millie, you are my sun, the person who lights up every day, you make me smile so much, the person who supports me, the person who lights up my day, the person who is always there for me.” How cute!

That’s not all! We can also read: “Happy 17th Anniversary Millie!! 🎉❤️ How emotional I get… I just wish you the best birthday of all time, full of happiness, love, and light. Wow, wow!

So many beautiful messages that can only draw a smile on the lips of Millie Bobby Brown. It must be said that the young woman did not expect to be appreciated by so many people in the world.

At the time of writing, the star of Enola Holmes, a film released in 2020 on Netflix – has no less than 42.7 million followers on her Instagram account.

Thus, the pretty brunette undoubtedly makes favorite public figures of the English. Because yes, the young woman is not American but British!

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