Millie Bobby Brown cracks her fans with her angel face!

On her Instagram account, the beautiful Millie Bobby Brown shared a photo where she clearly charmed her fans with her pretty angel face!

Very active on social networks, Millie Bobby Brown very often posts pictures of her. And the least we can say is that she never misses an opportunity to crack her fans. Especially with her angel face.

This is particularly the case this weekend. On Friday, March 19, Millie Bobby Brown shared a new photo and video on her Instagram account. In a first step, she displayed more radiant than ever with her face.

Millie Bobby Brown has unveiled a selfie on which she appears with a sublime hairstyle. She also opted for natural makeup that highlighted her mouth. As for her outfit, she opted for a white shirt with heart patterns.

She also seems to be a fan of the bee filter she used for her photo. So her fans noticed that she had a little bee on her face. With her ember look, she melted more than one.

Afterward, the actress unveiled a short TikTok video on which she was dancing. She also revealed her best smile and revealed her little dance moves.

In contrast, Millie Bobby Brown’s fans noticed that she had hidden her nose on TikTok. And the least we can say is that they looked really disappointed. Some have revealed the reason for her actions.


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In the comments, Millie Bobby Brown fans said, “The fans have been so bad with her that we can’t see her user on TikTok.” but also “It’s sad that you intimidated her because she had to create a private account.”

Others also wrote to Millie Bobby Brown: “All of you, she hid her name TikTok. And this is clearly a sign that each of you should not look for it. Please respect her privacy”

“Poor Millie, she has to cover her tik tok so people don’t harass her for a Samsung.” With her shot, she still collected more than 4.1 million “likes” in just a few hours from her fans.

Under her photo, other subscribers wanted to compliment the pretty blonde. It must be said that she really made a splash with her makeup and hairstyle. They said it was truly “beautiful” but also “sublime”.

While Millie Bobby Brown faces criticism on TikTok, she can still count on the benevolence of her fans on Instagram. It remains to be seen whether she will decide to reveal her account one day. Case to follow!

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