Millie Bobby Brown does a hilarious dance with his BFF on Tik Tok!

Will Millie Bobby Brown give up her acting career to become a dancer? Doing a TIK TOK dance with her BFF, we wonder!

New buzz for actress Millie Bobby Brown! She does a hilarious dance with her BFF Gia Lo Russo on Tik Tok and reveals it on her account for her birthday!

Followed by millions of fans on her Instagram account, Millie Bobby Brown keeps getting talked about! And for good reason… it has been a success story in film and television for quite some time now!

It’s no coincidence that the young woman was born twice at the Kids Choice Award 2021! But that’s not all, Millie Bobby Brown is not only one of the most famous actresses in the world!

As she loves to show us on her networks, she is full of life and exudes good humor! Unsurprisingly, she proves it again under her last post from a few hours ago!

“Enjoy this muted video but the choreography is almost perfect … So she writes in the caption! Wanting to wish her a Happy Birthday, she continues: “The happiest birthday to the sweetest angel unicorn I have ever met 🌈 saying you are my BFF is the greatest euphemism of all time. Sister, I love you. 19 will be a magical year filled with love and positivity. Always there to take pictures of you and Winnie sleeping. and always here in general 💕💗🎀💘💟,” she concludes.

Shock! In a few hours, the two young stars have accumulated almost 2 million views… And for good reason… Revealing a video of her and her BFF dancing, they are to die of laughter! Look at:


Remember! In 2019, Olivia, Gia, and Millie were together all the time! Unfortunately, Olivia Hope La Russo, Gia’s younger sister, died after battling acute myeloid leukemia.

Millie Bobby Brown wanted to pay tribute to him! Her very first palette of eyeshadows Florence by Mills is thus in memory of her friend!

But that’s not all! To mark the occasion, the nude Love Liv palette was posted on Florence by Mills’ Instagram page, alongside a video of Millie Bobby Brown interviewing her BFF and Olivia’s older sister: Gia, and her twin sister: Sabrina.

Gia and Sabrina explained what beauty meant to Olivia and the sincere meaning behind the shadow names they personally chose, including “Lulu” which was Olivia’s nickname, and “Sisters” for their bond.

A nice way to raise awareness and pay tribute to childhood cancer, don’t you think?

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