Millie Bobby Brown: Fans think she has a secret TikTok account!

A recent Instagram post by Millie Bobby Brown convinced her fans that the Stranger Things actress has indeed taken over TikTok.

Fans of Millie Bobby Brown suspect the star of having a secret TikTok account.

As you know, Millie Bobby Brown enjoys a great reputation on social networks. Thus, the young woman has thousands of subscribers on various platforms.

But a few months ago, she surprised her fans by deleting her TikTok account. This was all the more untouched as it had more than 16 million subscribers on the app and more than 158 million likes on its videos.

Although she gave no explanation, the young woman left a mysterious message on Story Instagram, after disappearing from TikTok.

“I realize that being surrounded by positive people is the secret of a happy life,” she wrote, before adding, “No hate and no love.” Millie Bobby Brown then reminded her fans that it’s important to always be nice.

However, it is important to remember that this is not the first time the star has disappeared. Indeed, she had already done so in 2018 because of a series of memes that she found “disgusting”. Perhaps it is for the same reason that she has come to do the same thing.


Today, this story resurfaces. Indeed, fans of Millie Bobby Brown are now convinced that the actress has a secret TikTok account.

The latter would have let a detail pass. On Thursday, March 18, she reportedly went to Instagram to share a selfie with her 43.9 million followers. So far, so good!

However, fans of the star have noticed that when you swipe to the left, the post also contains a video. In the video, she performs a TikTok dance on We Don’t Play That by The Real Boy 2021.

The video was clearly filmed on the TikTok app and recorded on its film, as it features the TikTok logo on the screen.

However, Millie Bobby Brown was careful to hide the user’s name by drawing a white line on it, preventing fans from following her secret account.

To date, no one has found the star’s TikTok. But it is very likely that it has a very complicated username.

“Millie, you’ve got TikTok, ahhhh!”, “It’s sad that you intimidated her, she had to make a private account,” “She covered her name TikTok and it’s literally a sign that you shouldn’t look for it. Please respect her privacy. I love you, you are beautiful! commented on some users in her Instagram post.

Let’s hope the fans respect the star’s choice and leave her alone. Case to follow then!

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