Millie Bobby Brown gives a lesson to his enemies by singing ‘Imagine’ of John Lennon in Tik Tok


Millie Bobby Brown have mixed feelings with the social networks. The young actress is well aware of the importance of their level of promotional and also to be in contact with their fans, but sometimes the negativity is on them is unbearable. Now, he has planted the face of the enemies who mocked them for the way in which sings with a wonderful video in which he interprets Imagineof John Lennonin which you are petando TIC Tac.

The story is the following. A few weeks ago, the actress who brought life to Wonder Woman in the movie Gal Gadot, where they were many of the celebrities singing the iconic theme of the deceased composer.

Millie Bobby Brown and his pets

After that, they have also begun to share a cover of anonymous people singing Imagine, and many of these videos, he snuck out of someone, anonymous, has little: Millie Bobby Brown. It was a recorded video in 2016 when the actress wore the hair short and was only a child. In short, that he was unrecognizable.

Users of social networks have quickly realized that it was the protagonist of Stranger Things and they began to share the video, laughing in addition to the vocal ability of little Millie.

I can’t get out of my head this video of Millie Bobby Brown singing. I’m going crazy

– mariah??? (@mariah_girgis)

April 1, 2020


Well, a few days after Millie Bobby Brown
wanted to give a face to all these enemies who are required, mocking the way he sang when he was a child. And how has he done? Reinterpret Imagine a form majestic, and by posting the video of Tik Tok.

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In the clip we see Millie Bobby Brown at the black-and-white, singing in front of the camera and showing that he has the vocal talent remains. “You say I’m a dreamer … goodbye “, wrote the actress under the post, to paraphrase one of the verses of the song of Lennon.


## youmaysayimadreamer… k bye xx

I original sound – milliebobbybrown

It is so smart, Millie Bobby Brown shut the mouth of those who are critical qualities in the networks. The artist, who is only 16 years old, confessed on several occasions that the attacks on the Internet affect you so much and that this will cause anxiety attacks.


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