Millie Bobby Brown: her flawless journey from Stranger Things!

Millie Bobby Brown has come a long way since the first episode of Stranger Things… So here’s the evolution of Eleven’s interpreter!

Millie Bobby Brown is no longer a child. If everyone knew her in the series Stranger Things, when she was just petite, the teenager has grown up well. So it’s quite amazing to see its evolution over time.

You don’t have to introduce the famous Millie Bobby Brown. Indeed, this young woman remains the revelation of the hit Netflix series: Stranger Things.

She’s not the only star in the cast. Although the public was attached to the young woman she became.

Just like her on-screen character, Eleven, the Briton was able to grow and transform herself. Proof of this is that she has nothing to do with the baby she was at the beginning of the series.

As a reminder, she embodied a young woman with superpowers. A heroine, young but courageous, who has seen all the colors dance Stranger Things.

Today, the young teenager has a lot of projects under her belt and proves to us that she is not quite the same. So here’s how Millie Bobby Brown has evolved since the beginning of his career.


Millie Bobby Brown, 17, has an exemplary track record. Let’s remember the year in which she met the general public: 2014.

It wasn’t until two years later that the first episodes of Stranger Things were released. Suffice to say that boulevard has opened, as have many doors in the industry.

She was known at the age of twelve, with a shaved head and very youthful features. On Instagram, we see her grow up and become the woman she will be tomorrow, beautiful as ever.

Two years before the hit series, she was already walking the red carpet thanks to her performance in “Intruders”. It’s the beginning of glory.

She is seen in 2017 at her first Golden Globes ceremony, then aged 14. Very classy, she shone brightly in her grey dress.

Meanwhile, Millie Bobby Brown continues his grandiose ascent in his main series. Next door, she became the face of Calvin Klein while the contracts followed one another.

Besides acting, the actress has another love: the humanitarian. She quickly became involved in causes that were dear to her and used her voice to support the communities she defended.

At only 14 years old, she was already defending human rights through the UNITED Nations. She has become an ambassador, which is not so much a surprise…

Anyway, Millie has grown well since time and it doesn’t rejuvenate us at all. What is certain is that her talent as an actress is matched only by her heart in gold.

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