Millie Bobby Brown: her stint in “Modern Family” resurfaces!

Again, Millie Bobby Brown is doing very well. Her stint in season 6 of Modern Family has just resurfaced on the Web.

The beautiful Millie Bobby Brown will never cease to surprise her fans. A video of her stint in Modern Family then arrives on the Web.


At the age of 17, Millie Bobby Brown has been a success story. It must be said that no one can miss the latter. Enough to impress even the biggest ones then.

In fact, on Instagram, the actress already has 45 million followers. In short, the teenager then makes a full box. Not bad!

And for good reason, since her participation in Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown has been given great roles. In a short time, it invaded the world of cinema.

Today, the beautiful brunette is then on the set of Godzilla Vs. Kong. She goes on to go between classes in the morning and filming in the afternoon.

Indeed, Millie Bobby Brown intends to graduate. And yes, the interpreter of 11 is very ambitious. Since she was a child, she knows what she wants.

So Millie Bobby Brown started filmmaking very early. Moreover, her stint in Modern Family season 6 resurfaced.


Before getting noticed in Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown participated in an episode of Modern Family. Enough to intrigue the fans of the star then.

Far from the fantasy world, she then played the role of a neighbor of the Pritchetts. Little Lizzie is making a new sensation on the Web.

Indeed, Millie Bobby Brown participated in an episode of season 6. The family then notices a strange drone in Jay’s backyard hovering over Gloria. With the help of Luke and Manny, Phil Dunphy decides to get rid of it.

So they’re developing a plan to trap the drone. But this one began to fly away. They then take bikes to follow her. Manny decides to snatch little Lizzie’s bike. And the latter is played by a famous actress.

Manny Delgado said: “Hey Lizzie, I have to borrow this. I promise to bring her back, okay?” The little girl replies, “No, that’s what you said about my mother’s humidifier.”

Moreover, the group manages to destroy the drone. And little Lizzie finds herself in the middle of the sidewalk without a bike. The young actress really adapts to everything. Action, suspense, and even humor, she will never cease to amaze her fans.

But don’t panic. A thousand Bobby Brown does not intend to stop on such a good run. She soon appeared in season 4 of Stranger Things. Case to follow then.

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