Millie Bobby Brown is radically haircut !


Millie Bobby Brown appears with a new haircut in your account of Instagram ! This change hair has transformed !

Millie Bobby Brown has a new look ! In Instagram, which then publishes a photo of her with her new hair cut !

As usual, Millie is feeling!!! The girl is known for its colorful appearance. It is, therefore, always daring in their outfits !

But that is not it ! Millie loves to put on extravagant costumes. The actress has often been criticized for their costumes. Many people think that his looks do not suit a girl of 16 years.

But Millie Bobby Brown, doesn’t matter ! She has a style of its own. And is that supposed ! Between the dresses of leopard, tailors fushia or full of jeans, Millie offers a wide variety of outfits. No offense to their fans !

Millie Bobby Brown transformed by his new hair cut !

Millie Bobby Brown transformed by his new hair cut !

Millie Bobby Brown transformed !

Yesterday, the girl was posting a new photo on Instagram. It seems, therefore, of transformation ! Millie Bobby Brown takes a selfie in the mirror… The hairdresser !

In fact, the girl is gone get a new hair cut ! And she emerges transformed. The girl was young, half the length and brown in color. Recently, she got long extensions blonde.

Today, the actress then released a publication with their long mermaid hair. In the post, there are two photos. ” Straight or curly ? “.

In the first photo, Millie has the hair slicked back. In the second, very curly hair. For the English ! He then asked his fans what they prefer.

A lot of people responded. ” The two, of course “” very beautiful in both cases “” you look like a boss with the curly hair“. The fans and I loved it ! The photo has also had more 5 100 000 likes. This is huge !

Millie Bobby Brown, address, below, a more classic appearance of this time. But always with style ! She is dressed in jeans clear full ! A small white top and sunglasses and most recent is curly !

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