Millie Bobby Brown makes amazing revelations about her

Millie Bobby Brown made revelations in an interview for MTV News. She says more about her cinematic tastes.

Millie Bobby Brown made an amazing revelation during an interview for MTV News. The young woman confessed to having never seen Harry Potter, DC, or Marvel movies!


Millie Bobby Brown is surely one of the hottest actresses of the moment. At only 17 years old, the young woman has already won many leading film roles.

And the best known of all will probably stick to her skin for a long time. Indeed, the star became famous thanks to the character of Eleven in the hit series, Stranger Things!

Since 2016, she has been thrilling her fans with her extraordinary powers. Surrounded by her friends, Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas, she does not hesitate to put herself in danger to fight the creatures of The Upside Down.

Outside of the TV series, Millie Bobby Brown also had the chance to star in some blockbuster movies. So she played Sherlock Holmes’ little sister for Netflix in 2020.

But that’s not all! Currently starring in Godzilla vs. Kong,the teenager seems to be working on the projects. Still, she doesn’t seem to like this kind of film very much.

Yes, I did. It turns out that the actress is not a big fan of fantasy. In fact, she recently confessed to never having seen Harry Potter, DC, or even Marvel movies!

It was during an interview for MTV News that the star made this huge revelation, to say the least amazing. She even admitted that some of her friends did not understand how this was possible.


“I’ve never watched a Marvel movie and I’ve never watched a DC movie,” said Millie Bobby Brown. According to her, it would not be a cinematic genre that she likes.

Still, the pretty brunette doesn’t seem to be closed-minded. It simply states that it has never had that particular desire to look at this genre.

Finally, Millie Bobby Brown finally said more about her tastes. And the least we can say is that the young woman seems to prefer realism.

“I want to see real things,” the Eleven performer announced. Afterward, Noah Schnapp’s friend talked about her favorite movie. This is a Disney Channel movie!

Yes, I did. Brown is a fan of Teen Beach Movie released in 2013. On Instagram, she had already had the opportunity to sing some songs from feature films such as Falling for Ya and Surf’s Crazy.

While the star’s tastes had always seemed strange, especially in terms of dress style, she only confirmed what fans already think. And this, thanks to this revelation!

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