Millie Bobby Brown: The Actress’s Salary Finally Unveiled!


Mediacritik has just revealed Millie Bobby Brown’s salary for her role in which she will play Sherlock Holmes’ little sister

Barely 16 years old, Millie Bobby Brown has become one of the most influential actresses in cinema. Her role in Stranger Things helped her a lot, sure. But that does not detract from her talent and that is probably why she will play Sherlock Holmes’ little sister soon . Moreover, his salary for this film has just been unveiled.

It was our colleagues from Mediacritik who revealed the information. As you will be able to discover, the cachet promises to be very impressive.

Because Millie Bobby Brown will not receive money only for her role. Indeed, the success that the film could know could add some bonus to it . Well when we talk about bonuses, we are not talking about meager tips …

Some are likely to find the sums in question much too high for a girl of her age . But when we know the talent of it, we can also understand it.

Millie Bobby Brown, potentially reaching several million dollars for a single role!

Millie Bobby Brown: the actress's salary finally unveiled!
Millie Bobby Brown: the actress’s salary finally unveiled!

Millie Bobby Brown’s salary for Sherlock Holmes

Yes, you read that right. At the same time, the salaries of today’s actors never fall below a million . Even more when it comes to American comedians.

According to Mediacritik , the young actress would therefore have signed a contract for $ 6.1 million. Well as we let you know, depending on the success of the film, a nice percentage would be paid back. She will receive an additional $ 800,000 if all goes well.

That’s not all, still according to the media should add 500,000 euros to the credit of “producer” . So you will understand, if “Eleven” has already made a lot of money thanks to Stranger Thing s, it would be nothing compared to his next role.

The icing on the cake, 7.5 million euros could be added to Millie Bobby Brown’s wallet in the event of a sequel for the film.

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