Millie Bobby Brown transformed she shocks her fans on Instagram!

Millie Bobby Brown surprises her fans in her latest selfie posted on Instagram where she reveals her new haircut.

At the age of 16, Millie Bobby Brown is the unmissable star of the moment. With 42.2 million followers on Instagram, she has become the new youth icon.

You may have known it from the Stranger Things series or the movie Enola Holmes which are available on Netflix. Appearances that prove her immense talent as an actress.

With her freshness, authenticity, and good humor, she is the ideal guest on all television sets. And indeed, she is not invited only to talk about her profession as an actress.

Millie Bobby Brown has grown up a lot since then. Model, singer, actress, and producer, the young British woman has many strings to her bow.

Millie Bobby Brown is the head of several brands and collaborations. And for good reason, it is in 2019 that the actress releases Florence by Mills, her new brand of vegan cosmetics.

But that’s not all, she is also the face of the famous shoe brand Converse. Passionate about fashion, the brand even offered her a new collaboration called Converse x Millie by you. Millie Bobby Brown has more than one trick up her sleeve. But what is certain is that she is a true businesswoman.

As you will understand, Millie Bobby Brown is not one to settle for movies and Netflix series. She has many passions and she does not hide from them. But if the actress has made a name for herself on Instagram it’s for a whole other reason.


You didn’t miss the different looks of Millie Bobby Brown. First, the shaved hair in Stranger Things, then the short hair but also with extensions.

Despite her young age, Millie Bobby Brown has already tried all the haircuts. And everything went perfectly to him. But there is a cut that she never dared to make. That’s why the actress has finally taken the plunge for the happiness of her fans.

Indeed it is a whole new head that the actress decided to post on Instagram. With a simple mirror selfie and a plaid shirt, she shows her fans her new face. A fringe with short hair and very curly hair! What a change!

A new haircut that suits him perfectly. Maybe it’s for a role? We all know that she would not hesitate for a second to change her mind to get into the shoes of her character.

It is true that Millie Bobby Brown remains very discreet on social networks. Even if she rarely displays her private life she does not hesitate to exchange with her fans on the Web.

Seeing her selfie, she is in a dressing room and she is probably about to shoot a scene. A new hit movie or series? Only the future will tell.

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