Minecraft: a group of fans is recreating the Earth to scale in the video game video Games


Many fans recreate different parts of the world Minecraft. However, the YouTuber PippenFTS not came up with a better idea to recreate the Earth in real scale in the game. Yes, you will need the help of many people to achieve this.

Through a video YouTube which already has 5 million views, PippenFTS he explained that he has already managed to create a map with the size of the Earth. In addition, CucicChunks allowed him to break the limitation vertical of 225 meters in Minecraft.

On the other hand, Terra 1 to 1 allowed to transfer the information from files Google Maps and thus to be able to turn them into blocks that are used in Minecraft. In this way, the YouTuber managed to recreate the Earth in real scale. However, the mod is not able to recognize manmade structures, for it will be a different city as buckets of gray.

Because of this, Pippen FTS has requested the assistance of different players from all over the world to help build buildings, monuments, and up to their same avenues. It is clear that the purpose of the YouTuber is to keep the entire population entertaining in their homes.

In case you want to join this initiative, we leave the channel Discord where you are agreeing to all the details. In addition, at the end of the video mentions that you want to organize a ‘committee of control of quality’, which measured the contributions.

Finally, the YouTuber has set the goal to build Seattle. Through a thread Redditmany users have begun to share a variety of recreations, such as universities, avenues, or neighborhoods. Including, one user was happy because it allowed him to build DisneyLand.



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