Minecraft announces one of its most important updates


Minecraft announced an upcoming update in which we will see our island more cool than ever.

If by yes Minecraft it was already praised by many, thanks to the textures, gameplay and scenarios that I had, now with the latest improvement the game will look even better.


Mojang along with Nvidia, announced that the game will support the Ray Traicing and that this will be implemented through a free update for users of Windows 10.

Ray Tracing it is one of the keys to innovation and we believe that is the next step for Minecraft. In the normal game a block of gold only seems to be yellow, but with the Ray Tracing on are they able to see the reflections, you can see up to a crowd reflected in the”.

Commented Saxs Persson, Creative Director of the game.

Without a doubt, this will be one of the most important updates and expected for the famous video game, in terms of dates, have not issued statement in relation to these, although it is hoped that will soon be announced.

We leave you the video of the comparison between the Minecraft “normal” and the Minecraft with Ray Tracing The result is amazing!

Images via Mojang

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