Minecraft is in addition to the fight against the Covid-19 with their texts start


Normally, the text yellow in the start screen of the game say jokes or references to features in the game

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Before the contingency for the new coronavirus Covid-19millions of people of several countries have been pushed to stay at home to prevent the further spread of the virus. Despite the fact that this has meant millions of dollars in losses to several sectors, the games industry has been significantly affected by the quarantine.

The popular video game Minecraft decided to promote awareness among the users of your game by using messages in your home screen. The texts of yellow known as “splash messages” are usually referring to the features of the game, however, in the midst of the global crisis by the Covid-19these texts now provide messages such as: Wash your hands, do not touch the face, soap and water, supports relatives and older friends, looks to make the pantry by your elders, gamers united – separate in their own homes, save the world stay in your house.

During the end of 2019 and the current year, the world saw a resurgence of the video game Minecraftcurrently have over 112 million players per month.

During the last 19th of march, the company GameStop made known to your customers that your game stores will remain open because “they provide essential products to make it easy for your customers to stay connected and provide products that enable businesses and customers to work remotely”.

However, the announcement caused disgust among many members of the community gamer because they considered it fiscally irresponsible based on the ambition of the company to continue to generate revenue.

Companies that have developed video games such as EA, Ubisoft or Rockstar Games they decided to adopt the practice of the Home Office to continue on with their work activities and at the same time take care of the integrity of its employees.

In the case of Rockstar Games, it is known that they are planning to launch more “events and activities” around the game Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2.


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