Minecraft offers content free education within their platform


The company, owned by Microsoft, offers the possibility of downloading a free series of content of their platform until 30 June 2020, with the goal of providing tools of education to the millions of children and young people who cannot go to school due to the containment measures imposed in the world.

“Video games have an unmatched power to bring people together, entertain, inspire, and connect, and I think that is even more true in these circumstances,” notes Phil Spencer, CEO of Xbox, in a press release.

Among the contents that can be downloaded is a tour of the International Space Station, a game to explore the interior of the human eye, and proposals to learn more about renewable energy, marine biology, fractals, history of greece, or the world of the avejas.

Many of these worlds include optional activities such as activities of creative writing, building challenges and puzzles.

Players can explore these worlds alone, accompanied by their parents or with your friends on the most devices. “Minecraft” is available on mobile, Kindle Fire, PC, consoles Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Ps4; and in devices Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and Fire TV.

Version for professionals

“Minecraft” has a version for professionals in the education sector and is also free until June of 2020: you can access all of the educators who have an account validated for teachers of Office 365. The company has also released a guide with the tools available for learning in remote.

The measures imposed to contain the epidemic COVID-19 has generated a demand as “unprecedented” in the video game industry, as recognised by Spencer.

“We understand the important role that they play games at this point to connect people and bring joy in these moments of isolation and stress.”

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