Minecraft offers educational content for free by Coronavirus


The crisis caused in the world by the COVID-19 has been confined in their homes for more than 500 million students should follow their classes to distance, and some have been found in video games a perfect platform for further development. For example, the popular Minecraft open access Minecraft Education Edition during the crisis caused by the Coronavirus.

In all over the world are developing several initiatives that demonstrate that Minecraft can be used as an educational tool in times of serious crises.

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Mojang, the company that developed the video game, wants to contribute to keeping young people active with the launch of this new edition of the popular game of building blocks dedicated to education and focused on the students confined by the coronavirus.

Among the contents that can be downloaded is a tour of the International Space Stationa game to explore the interior of the human eye and proposals for learn more about renewable energy, as well as other topics in areas such as marine biology, fractals, history of greece, or the world of bees. Many of these worlds include optional activities such as creative writing, building challenges and puzzles.

Minecraft Education Edition

Image via Elespañol

Minecrafthas a version for professionals in the education sector and is also free until June 2020, may be accessed by all educators who have an account validated for teachers of Office 365.

“Video games have an unmatched power to bring people together, entertain, inspire, and connect, and I think that is even more true in these circumstances.” – Phil Spencer, CEO of Xbox

The server public Minecraft in Poland

Poland has created a public servant Minecraft so that the children won’t be bored during the confinement, the server receives the name of Grarantanna, which binds to the words “gra” which means game, and “rantanna” from quarantine.

Grarantanna will be the name of this public servant who aims to become a centre of learning, and devoted to carry out educational activities such as seminars, sessions and role classes of history and geography. The Polish government has encouraged schools to primary, secondary and even universities to participate in this server.

Graduation ceremony in Minecraft

Image via Twitter

Without a doubt Minecraft it has become a meeting place for many users isolated by the fault of the COVID-19. For example, in Japan a group of students has used a server in the game for the celebration of your graduation.

The japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe decided to close the schools because of the outbreak of coronavirus, since in that country the school year ends in march.

Students from all over the country of the rising sun created an initiative on Twitter to celebrate their graduation ceremonies in Minecraft. For this particular case, the initiative was born spontaneously among the students and neither teachers nor schools had nothing to do.

Cover image via Elespañol


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