Minecraft offers free education content during the pandemic coronavirus


Coping with a pandemic is a difficult one and maintain the quarantine also can be, but that does not mean that it is impossible to be entertained and learn at the same time. It is for this reason that Minecraft is offering his Collection Educational free of chargeso that all may have a chance to learn about something new while they play.

Microsoft drove the initiative to open a new section in the marketplace of the game, where you can find all extensions that make up the Collection Educational. According to an announcement on the official Twitter account of the game, the initiative is focused mainly on children and on support for all teachers looking to expand their methods with digital resources.

The collection it offers a total of 12 extensionsamong which gives you the option of learning about the human eye, the international space station, the pantheon, the bees, and about marine biology, all through the game of blocks. Some of these are worlds created by the community, so the company has grateful to Everbloom, Jigarbov, Lifeboat, Razzleberries, The World Foundry, Blockworks and Imagiverse for their contribution.

All extensions of the Collection Educational will be available for free until June 30. Let’s hope that the quarantine will not last as long.

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